No one would have predicted that four accomplished chamber musicians with such different personalities and profiles would ever collaborate. Yet Amandine Beyer, Naaman Sluchin, Josèphe Cottet and Frédéric Baldassare drew together their experience as chamber musicians and their desire to share important pieces of the repertoire and to bring to light forgotten and unusual creations. In 2014 they created the Kitgut Quartet, an ensemble performing on period instruments and characterized by its freedom, its enthusiasm and inclusiveness.

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Naaman Sluchin is joined by  Belgian pianist Piet Kuijken (whom he met at Indiana University in Bloomington in 2001) and British cellist Amy Norrington, who both perpetuate the amazing saga of their renowned family. The group is characterized by its versatility, both in terms of instrumentarium and of repertoire: Ensemble Talisma performs pieces mostly on historical instruments, with a special emphasis on showcasing pieces in venues such as the famous "salons" of the 18th and 19th centuries.




Naaman is concertmaster of La Chambre Philharmonique since 2012. Born under the aegis of Emmanuel Krivine, La Chambre embodies an utopia. It represents a new kind of orchestra, composed of musicians coming from the best European ensembles and animated by the same musical desire: together they put pleasure and a sense of quest at the heart of their musical enterprise. La Chambre is also a place for research and exchange, as it seeks historical instruments and techniques most appropriate to each repertoire. 


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