Duo Sluchin

Primor and Naaman Sluchin, tired of fighting for the last slice of pie at the family dinner table, finally decided to call a truce and to put their instruments at work together, thus creating one of the most precocious duos imaginable. Thus was born the Duo Sluchin. Guided and inspired in their training by the mythical violin-harp duo of Marielle Nordmann and Patrice Fontanarosa, they were encouraged to explore the different timbres and textures of their instrument to find harmony and smoothness, and to develop their curiosity in exploring both original repertoire and transcriptions.

After they obtained their chamber music diploma from the CNSM in Paris, they performed in France, Israël and the US – but they never determined, in the end, who should have the last slice of pie. 

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Ensemble Sésame

The ensemble Sésame was born in 2013, under the inspiration of the singer Udo Reinemann, on the basis of a project focusing on Schubert. With their strong yet diverse personalities, the Sésame musicians (based in Paris) come together as a harmonious ensemble, able to achieve a unity that is at the same time full of contours and passionate, and to unite in chamber music-making, inspired by their cultural diversity.

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