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Writing a text about oneself is not an easy task. Here is a quote that might make things easier: Golda Meir once said to a diplomat, "Don’t be humble… you’re not that great.”


One of the things that led me to continue with the violin when destiny had already chosen a musical path for me, was the possibility of substituting the voice of the instrument for mine. I then found the perfect means to express who I was without exposing myself.  Chamber music was the best way to communicate and I found myself most at ease in dialogues and other conversations created between different instruments. It was first a family matter: I played duos with my grandfather (a violist), my sister (a harpist) and even my father (a trombonist – the repertoire is much more limited though!). But soon enough, I wanted to enlarge this format and, at age 12, I decided to write a piece for all the members of my musical family, adding to the previous instruments flute, cello and piano: the score for this cacophony is still available for recording !


Despite some very orthodox musical studies (see bio), I have relished what each of my teachers brought to me: an interest for the technique of the instrument, and the joy of playing its repertoire, but also a taste for premiering new pieces, for improvisation, and for experimenting with other art forms. I continue to try and cultivate my curiosity and broaden my artistic and human skills and experiences, something that I hope you will discover on this site.